• Its main objective is to deal with complaints within and outside APS through Alternative Dispute Resolution. Such like complaints were being handled by the Internal Affairs Unit, but it was later realized that some cases can be handled departmentally i.e within Administration Police Service, Kenya Police Service and the Directorate of Criminal Investigation respectively. Most officers are not aware of the existence of this Directorate in our service. I would like to also recognize the existence of the above in both the Kenya Police Service and the Directorate of Criminal Investigation. We all work hand in hand with the Internal Affairs Unit for effective service delivery to all officers and the members of the public. This Directorate was created with an aim of dealing specifically with complaints within the Administration Police Service and in particular, ones which do not bear a lot of weight, as serious ones are directed to either IPOA or the IAU.
  • To tame rogue Administration police officers
  • To ensure justice is seen to be done to anybody as per the law.
  • To hold APS officers accountable for their acts.