This is one of the directorates within the Administration Police Service which together with other existing ones ensures the smooth running of the service in its day to day activities. The Directorate of Complaints and Inspections was created at the Administration Police Headquarters in March 2017 to look into various cries both from the members of the public against APS officers and from APS officers against the APS officers.

In any set up, where there are more than two people there must be a complaint as in no place can everything just run smoothly since everybody has his or her mind set. That was why rules were put in place on earth thereby giving birth to law in any country. Hence the need for law enforcement urgencies.


  • Its main objective is to deal with complaints within and outside APS through Alternative Dispute Resolution. Such like complaints were being handled by the Internal Affairs Unit, but it was later realized that some cases can be handled departmentally i.e within Administration Police Service, Kenya Police Service and the Directorate of Criminal Investigation respectively. Most officers are not aware of the existence of this Directorate in our service. I would like to also recognize the existence of the above in both the Kenya Police Service and the Directorate of Criminal Investigation. We all work hand in hand with the Internal Affairs Unit for effective service delivery to all officers and the members of the public. This Directorate was created with an aim of dealing specifically with complaints within the Administration Police Service and in particular, ones which do not bear a lot of weight, as serious ones are directed to either IPOA or the IAU.
  • To tame rogue Administration police officers
  • To ensure justice is seen to be done to anybody as per the law.
  • To hold APS officers accountable for their acts.

Types of Complaints so far received

So far, we have received a lot of complains both from the members of the public and police officers. You cannot overlook this fact provided you are dealing with a group of people however small. Complaints are inherent. That is, complains are natural as long as human beings are involved.

Categorically, we have received complains ranging from family matters, discipline, Land disputes, cash disputes, and many others that are criminal in nature.

These are complaints by APS officers against their fellow officers, Complaints by members of the public against police officers and even some against work related issues without targeting specific individuals or a group of people.


This directorate has achieved a lot in terms of managing conflicts at desirable levels. We have been successfully applying alternative dispute resolutions mechanisms to handle complaints in most cases. We have been working in cohorts with Legal Affairs Unit who have always been there in provision of legal assistance where necessary. Counseling department has also been of much help in offering therapy lessons to the affected parties.

Logistics office has also ensured our mobility to the affected complainants. Working as a team with other directorates has ensured success in handling complains to a manageable level.


There are a number of challenges in a directorate of this kind as you are dealing with one who is supposed to be dealing with such problems at various capacities. Here you deal with people who should be enforcing the law while some don’t see its essence.

It takes one time to convince any law enforcement urgent that he or she is on the wrong even on obvious deeds.

Without a platform like this, where by officers acts are controlled, some of our officers can be dangerous not only to the civilian, but also to their fellow officers.

Procedures for Complaint Management

  • Complaints are received and recorded
  • The complaint is verified of its authenticity
  • Conducting of preliminary inquiry on the received complaint
  • Reaching out for the parties involved for questioning and statement recording
  • Writing of reports on findings and recommendations.
  • Implementation of the recommendations and not limited to follow-up
  • Feedback to the complainant

How complaints are received

  • Through walk in complainants
  • Through other bodies such as (a) Internal Affairs Unit

                                                                (b) IPOA

                                                                (c) Inspector General’s Office

                                                                (d) Office of the OMBUDSMAN

                                                                (e)  The Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission, only to mention but a few.

In order for the realization of our goals as a service, we must embrace the existence of one another by assisting each other and every directorate within our service to the best of our ability. We have been receiving continuous support from the service and we hope for the same in future with thanks. This directorate is very vital in this service just like any other existing directorate.

We as a Directorate, we are looking forward to be the most transparent entity in terms of complaint handling in the entire National Police Service.