The Directorate of Human Capital Management is one of the Directorates of the Administration Police Service. It is established and based at the APS Headquarters – Jogoo House “A”. (HCM) generally plans and coordinates service human resource affairs in Liaison with the National Police Service and National House Police Service Commission
Our mandate and functions
a) Develop and supervise all human resource development programmes
b) Develop, review and implement all human resource policies
c) Coordination of all Personnel matters
d) Recruitment
e) Appointments and staffing
f) Remuneration
g) Promotions and Transfers
h) APS Establishment analysis and management
i) Secondments/Attachments
j) Discipline
k) Retirements, Resignations and Pension
l) Liaison with NPSC and DPM
m) Member of the Ministerial Human Resource Management Advisory Committee
n) Any other duties as may be directed by the DIG-APS