Overview of The Directorate

The Directorate of Legal Affairs provides high quality, timely and comprehensive legal advice to the Deputy Inspector General and other members of the Service on issues related to the execution of the Service mandate and other matters incidental thereto.

Functions of The Directorate

  • Providing timely legal advice to the Deputy Inspector General.
  • Representing the Service in courts in liaison with State Law Office and National Police Service Commission Legal officers.
  • Investigating and providing requisite instructions to the State Law Office, Office of Director of Public Prosecutions, and Directorate of Criminal Investigations among other bodies on cases arising from acts and/or omissions of Administration Police officers.
  • In liaison with office of the Attorney General, provide legal aid/ representation to members of the Service facing legal action on acts and/ or omissions arising from lawful performance of duties.
  • Providing legal assistance and pro-bono services to all members of the Service.
  • Perusing inquiry/ case files of interest to the Service and/ or conducted by officers of the Service to ensure conformity with the law.
  • Reviewing administrative disciplinary proceedings to ensure they are fair, just and in line with the national Police Service Standing Orders and Regulations.
  • Creating awareness levels to Police officers in respect to the existing laws.
  • Development and review of various peace and security related policies, treaties, pacts and legislations.
  • Formulating and reviewing Memorandums of Understanding and lease agreements between National Police Service/ Administration Police Service and other organizations/countries.
  • Associate training on crime scene management, forensic investigations, administrative disciplinary procedures and National Police Service legal framework.
  • Conducting investigations and inquiries and filing reports to the Inspector General, Deputy Inspector General and other relevant authorities.
  • Responding to parliamentary questions in consultation with the Inspector General and Deputy Inspector General.
  • Ensuring that human rights for the Members of the Service are safeguarded as stipulated by the law in the bill of rights.
  • Any other duties which may be assigned from time to time by the Inspector General and the Deputy Inspector General.