The area climate is determined to a large extent by its topography; the relief is created by the Nyambene ranges and nearby Mount Kenya. The highlands reduce the effect of high temperatures and the rate of evaporation. Temperatures are cool-humid to hot and dry ranging from an annual mean of 24.7 ºC for low altitudes (610 – 700 M) and 13.7ºC for the high altitudes especially on the western slopes of the Nyambene ranges.

The lowlands thus receive low rainfall as they are on the leeward side of the range. The rainfall Pattern is bi-modal with long rains coming between March and May, and the short rains from October to December. Rainfall ranges from 1,250 mm – 2,514 mm on the eastern and southern Slopes of the Nyambene range, to 380 mm – 1000 mm annually in the leeward side.

APLSC is found in one of the many hills in the area called Kirimachuma. Being on the highland, the place experiences the above climatic conditions. But due to the nature of activities involved in the centre, outdoor activities will ensure learners experience different weather conditions found in the region.