Directorate Of Security Operations

  • BORSOPT officers on board MV Utawala in Ndau.

    Since the formation of the Border Police Unit in 2008, land border security operations have been successful in securing our rural border. However, some illegal activities have shifted to the sea hence need for the formation of a border sea operation teams.

  • Formed on 12th November, 2009.
  • Its headquarters is based in Lamu – Ndau Island.


  • Main role is to secure the sea border from North Somalia and South West of L. Victoria.
  • Carry out covert/overt patrol to deter illegal activities e.g. piracy, illegal firearms, illegal fishing, drugs, radicalization, sea safety of users, human trafficking among others.
  • Rescue mission for distressed vessels.


  • Sea patrols i.e. open sea, inshore channels
  • Maritime interdiction (boarding).
  • Attending to distress calls
  • Rescue missions