Support Division

Human Capital Management Department

The section is headed by the Chief clerk who is in-charge of all college clerks. The department deals with handling of college correspondences, incoming mails, records keeping, disseminating information within the college and any other human capital related issues.

The section is further divided into:

  • Radio Room; deals with signals and other radio communications
  • Training division; deals with all matters concerning course participants
  • Establishment; deals with all records pertaining the college staff
  • Switch board; deals with telephone communication between the college and other units within the service

Chaplaincy Department

Chaplaincy is a unit within the National Police Service which offers religious and psychological support to its members. Chaplaincy in the Administration Police plays a vital role to the entire service, that is; the Police fraternity, their respective families and the community at large.

Under the Administration Police Chaplaincy are three (3) sections of faith consisting of Catholic, Protestant and the Muslim, rendering services to their respective faithful. The main objective of the chaplaincy department includes; offering an effective service that will ensure spiritual nourishment of the disciplined officers and their families, provide spiritual guidance and counselling and participate actively in various outreaches and thanksgiving services for the disciplined services among many others.

Medical Department

The Administration Police medical unit was established in 1972 at the National Police College Embakasi ‘A’ Campus. It was meant to provide curative services to the trainees and staff within the college. The medical unit has grown over the years and currently has nine (9) gazetted and operational health facilities.

The unit has expanded its role to provision of essential health services to the neighbouring community. It also asses medical fitness to officers for training and deployment. Co-ordination of health services within the service and during emergency response to disasters and other eventualities both in and out of the service and in conflict prone areas is also another important role played by this facility. It also participates in identification, designing and implementation of effective health promotion and illnesses prevention strategies within the Sub-county.

Maintenance Department

The maintenance department was established within the college with the aim of ensuring that the college infrastructure is in order for the smooth running of the college.

The department has various sections namely electrical, plumbing, welding, painting, and the masonry section. All these sections are coordinated by the section clerk of works who supervises all ongoing projects.

Hospitality Department

The hospitality department has two main sections; one of them being the main cook house which caters for basic recruit courses and other supervisory courses, the other one being the officers’ mess which mainly cater for senior officers and Administrative Officers’ courses.

Besides catering in the college, the catering section actively participates in catering during field craft exercises, manoeuvres and official Administration Police functions outside the college.

College Armoury Department

The college armoury mainly deals with control and use of ammunition, repair of damaged firearms, storage of arms and other technical requirements.

Staff Welfare Department

Welfare section is charged with the responsibility of operating the welfare canteens and messes within the college premises.

Accounts Department

The section handles matter of financial expenditure, budgeting financial reporting and participates in planning.

Motor Transport Department

Motor transport is a section within the college vested with the responsibility of providing transport to both the trainees and the staff within the college.

College Quarter Master Department

It deals with procuring, storage, packing and issuing of food stuff and clothing on requisition by respective college sections and works in liaison with the Service quartermaster on general procurement and Purchasing.