Training Division

The training division is committed to produce competent, disciplined, reliable and efficient officers who can render quality service to the public.


To train staff to the highest possible standards of competence and integrity, to respect human rights and fundamental freedoms and dignity in order to achieve highest standards of professionalism and discipline.


To be the leading community safety trainer.


Training for sustainable peace and tranquillity in Kenya for national development.


“Enter to Learn, leave to serve”


  1. To initiate development of recruits and other staff training curriculum
  2. To train recruits Police officers
  3. To train cadet Police officers
  4. To train and enhance skills for the constables and non-commissioned officers
  5. To train Police officers attending promotional courses
  6. To conduct applied research in matters pertaining to policing; training of Police officers
  7. To monitor, evaluate and review training programs
  8. To administer recruits and other trainees examinations
  9. To train immigration officers on paramilitary courses
  10. To offer law enforcement courses to other security/law enforcement support agencies and county government
  11. To conduct any other training as maybe directed by the Deputy Inspector General of the Administration Police Service.