Functions Of RDU

The Rapid Deployment Unit is established to undertake the following functions:-

  1. Conduct Direct Action Operations
  2. Coordinating all security rapid responses services
  3. Providing critical security operations during conflicts, National emergencies and International events
  4. Coordinating with other Government agencies in conflict management and peace building
  5. Restoration of peace
  6. Counter-terrorism and Counter-insurgency Operations
  7. Public Order Management
  8. Disaster and emergency response
  9. Complementing Field Commands and other Specialized Units in high level security operations, and
  10. Complementing ASTU in special operations pertaining containing banditry and cattle rustling.
  11. Hostage intervention
  12. Urban tactical operations
  13. Escorting and protecting high risk and important persons
  14. Covert surveillance
  15. Special crimes against peace
  16. Water tactical operations