RDU Strategic Roles And Principles Of Operation

The RDU’s functions and strategic roles fulfill vital security needs in a complex and continually evolving security environment.

These roles ARE OUR FOCUS as we shape the Unit of the future.

  • Saving of Lives
  • Neutralizing the Enemy
  • Restore and Sustain Peace
  • To prohibit conduct that is prejudicial to the good order and discipline that may threaten the National Security of Kenya.
  • Provide well trained personnel for deterrence, sustained tactical activities/ land combat, and conflict termination across the country or in areas of vital interest.
  • Maintain combat-ready general and special operations personnel for instantaneous (rapid) contingencies Country Wide.
  • Maintain standby personnel (at least a company) at all times at the RDU HQ facility able to reinforce APS, RDU personnel and other Security Agencies anywhere in the Country at short notice.
  • Participate in disaster relief, emergency assistance, and interdiction of illicit weapons traffic.
  • Provide tactical support to Other Specialized Units, Security Agencies and Government Agencies across the Country.
  • Defend the country in times of war