Functions of The SAMO

  • Advises on the procurement of firearms, ammunition and accessories
  • Acquisition and storage of specialized and security protection and other equipment including special tools and gauges
  • Proposal on the Distribution of security equipment
  • Maintenance of appropriate records.
  • Ensuring that there is accountability and security of supplies and equipment and Arms stores and subordinate command stores
  • Control and monitoring the movement of firearms and ammunition within the service
  • Deployment and monitoring of the trained Arms technicians
  • Recommending of disposal of surplus and unserviceable/obsolete stores
  • Service Armoury consists of;
    1. Firearms and ammunition Stores
    2. Main Firearms Registry
    3. Firearms Base workshop

Arm Stores

  • Storage and distribution of ;
  • Assorted firearms
  • Various calibres of ammunition,
  • Explosives and Pyrotecnichs
  • Assorted firearms accessories
  • Special tools and gauges
  • Firearms spare parts

Arms workshop 

  • Inspection, maintenance and repair of unserviceable firearms
  • Recommend on the obsolete stores for destruction
  • Function testing of newly acquired firearm and the repaired ones.

Arms Registry

  • Maintenance of all firearms , ammunition and accessories records in the service
  • Posting of firearms in the GP87 register after they have been issued to counties/ sub counties/ units.
  • Receiving and checking of the quarterly firearms and ammunition returns received from counties and units to ensure that they tally with the headquarters records in regard to all firearms and ammunition they have been issued from the service armoury stores.
  • Keeping all records pertaining the number of ammunition and firearms held by each County, Sub- County and Unit.
  • Keeping records of all firearms/ ammunition that are lost during different kinds of encounters.
  • Keeping records of all firearms/ammunition issued/loaned to other disciplined departments after approval from the Inspector General or Deputy Inspector General.
  • Entry and maintenance of all records of security items received from other security departments both locally and internationally.
  • Conducting firearms/ ammunition census exercise with the aim of ensuring that we ascertain physically that all security items issued to Sub- counties, Counties and Units are well maintained and accounted for.
  • Entry of all firearms/ ammunition issued to sub counties/ counties and units in the digital firearms management system.