About us

The Administration Police (AP) Band is one of the oldest bands found in Kenya. It was formed in 1956 from a church supported scouts group who were recruited by colonialists to become the regional corps of drum for the then Central Kenya Tribal Police. It was based at Ruringu Training Center in Nyeri. In the year 1971 when the National Training College was established in Embakasi Nairobi, the Band was also transformed to a fully-fledged military band and relocated to its current station at National Police College, Embakasi A campus, previously known as the Administration Police training college Embakasi. (A.P.T.C.)

 The Band continues to exhibit an illustrious track record with its outstanding presentations that attained praise both nationally and internationally. From 1956 the  Band has seen steady growth and developments, transforming from a strictly regional corps of drum, to one which boasts the ability and versatility of performing a wide repertoire of music from ethnic favorites to orchestral classics. Our two marching bands (Band A and B), the Dance band (Utawala Jazz) and the AP band orchestra form the major Ensembles of the Band today.